In Malgorzata Bany’s practice, the reproducibility of the moulding technique and the
uniqueness of the hand-carved form sit side by side. For the past half-decade she has
experimented with cast, carved, and worked forms that consistently blur the boundaries
between sculpture and design, combining utilitarian functionality with the principle that
objects must stand on their own terms. Lips and cusps of material, sharp returns, and crisp,
shadow-catching edges predominate in her works, full of subtlety and harmonious
proportions; they curve weightlessly upwards, to support an ovoid prop, a shallow bowl with
the potential to ring out if struck, or just their own volumes, like the delicately taught
surfaces of oil drops on water. These are poetic tendencies, but they are simultaneously
grounded by forms that appear almost weighted, anchored in their footprints.
Matthew Reeves, September 2018
“…Malgorzata’s work is a sublime balance of sensuality and restraint; a whisper
of a curve, the lightest blush of colour, a trace of texture. She applies the same
consideration to simple domestic objects as she does to monumental sculptural
furniture and, in doing so, creates moments of ritual and serenity in the
Natalie Melton, co-founder of TheNewCraftsmen
Malgorzata Bany lives and works in London. From 2007 to 2010 she studied at the Academy
of Fine Arts in Warsaw before moving to England, where she completed her BA studies at
University College Falmouth followed by an MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art in London,
graduating there in 2014. In the same year she was awarded the Desiree Prize for Painting,
and was nominated for the Adrian Carruthers Studio Award, a scheme run collaboratively by
the Slade and Acme Studios. She was recently nominated for the Officine Panerai Next
Generation Designer Award as part of the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2018.
Exhibitions include mixed shows and collaborative projects at TESTBED 1, London (2012 and
2013), Milan Design Week (2014), Etage Projects, Copenhagen (2015), the London Design
Festival (2015 and 2016), The Trade Show presented by Faye Toogood, London (part of
London Design Festival 2017), Malgorzata Bany – On Show at The New Craftsmen as part of
London Design Festival 2018 and solo show at House of Toogood In 2018 among others.
Malgorzata Bany is working across a wide range of disciplines including sculpture,
furniture and homewares, her work adheres to the principles of sensuality, tactility
and minimalism.
Her creative process begins with exploring abstract form, intuitive and without prescribed
function the object is open to interpretation. It often relates as much to human body and
nature as it does to the natural world.
Works are both utilitarian and sensual, they reflect the soft roundness of the cheek
solidifying into the arch of a building, through a breaking down of scale, the handheld and the
monumental become interchangeable.
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