The Jade collection of furniture and objects has been developed between my studio in London and time spent in Florence.
This group is a result of my ongoing exploration of abstract form, as well as a reflection of my experience of Florentine architecture; the voluminous roughly carved stone facades, the fine lines and sharp returns of vaulted ceilings, lustre smooth surfaces of polished stone sculptures as well as time-based effects of erosion and decay of the historical city.
Jade Accessories
All objects are solid casts and share the outline shape. With the principle that solidity of form is best achieved by the light falling against it and the depth of the objects is portrayed by the gradation of light and shadow, the objects take chiaroscuro technique to explore the relationship between light and form. This series has been developed and inspired by time spent working in Florence. The sculptural qualities of these objects allow them to stand alone but equally the bowls are suitable for pot pourri or as a trinket for jewels, the plinth can support a pillar candle.
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