Kaori Collection

The Kaori Collection's small objects have a specially curated colour palette. 
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Sugi Trinkets and Shiitake Table 
Both pieces are inspired by the natural movement of growth. Forms informed by positive tropism, bending and twisting, following the light.
Firmly rooted and grounded at the base giving a strong foundation for movement and height.
Shiitake Table
Sugi Trinkets
Kaori Incense Stands
Sakura, Rōtasu, Kiku and Take, are four sculptural objects designed as incense burners to celebrate seasonality. 

The sharp distinction between the seasons permeates the daily life and culture of the Japanese. It is reflected in flower arrangement (ikebana), poetry (haiku), garden design, annual festivals, colour schemes for kimonos and finally the privacy of one’s home, in closest sympathy with the appropriate season-arranged tokonomas. 
The intimate and personal nature of tokonomas is at the core of my inspiration, A place to express the creativity of a homeowner and celebrate the present moment. 
Tokonomas mostly consist of an incense burner, wall picture Kakemono and flower arrangement (ikebana). 
Ornaments, when not in use are stored away which prompted the idea of appealing nature of objects that one displays at home only at the specific time of the year. As well as a distinctly defined minimalist approach it also brings the importance of the object's presence. Highlights the bond between an object and time, and in my intention, giving a specific time a sculptural form.
Sakura Incense Stand  - Spring
Mild weather, flowering trees and fleeting beauty. Soft and fragile objects reminiscent of flower petals.
Rōtasu incense stand  - Summer

Rōtasu means lotus. Humid warmth and long days. Elevation of consciousness and spirit, purity.
Kiku incense stand  - Autumn
Kiku, Chrysanthemum. Relief of milder weather. Happines and Longevity
Take incense stand - Winter
Take, bamboo. Green against a white, crisp background. Simplicity and strenght.
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